A Joglo house is traditionally the home of Javanese aristocrats. It has four main big pillars in the center and a high rounded ceiling with ornaments. These ornaments contain traditional Javanese philosophical teachings: welfare, happiness, peace and eternity. 

The Joglo that is now the upper floor of Villa Achara was found by the builder in an east Javan mountain village and was built in 1945. Joglo’s are built using very strong teak wood, the main beams are 25 by 25 cm in diameter and is more than 5 meter high. The Joglo at it’s highest point is 12 meter high. 

The Joglo was taken apart to be shipped to Bali in 1998. Each piece of wood was cleaned, inspected and maintained to be rebuilt into the top level of Villa Achara in 2015. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Electricity is 220 V and 50Hz. The supply is usually reliable but there are substantial variations in voltage. In order to minimize the effects a stabilizer has been installed.

The plugs in Indonesia are the same as mainland European plugs; 2 pins Type C.

Tap water is unsafe for drinking. There is ample supply of free drinking water from the apparatus in the kitchen.

The staff will provide daily fresh drinking water in the bathrooms.

At arrival you will be shown around the kitchen. In the fridge there is a small variation of drinks as well as packaged snacks available for consumption, so there is no need for immediate shopping. The staff will provide you with a list with the prices.

Your daily breakfast is included the nightly rate.

Villa Achara does not provide for lunch and/or dinner. However we have several restaurants that cater to Villa Achara. There is a list of options with phone numbers and a mobile phone at hand in order to call and make your order. If you would like some help with this, then feel free to ask the staff present.

There is wireless internet connection available in the common area’s of the villa. The staff can provide you with the password.

In case you need laundry done the Villa Achara staff will deliver your laundry to a commercial laundry and they will collect it after it has been done. Special bags will be available for the laundry.

The actual costs are limited and costs will be charged separately. Please allow 2 days for each delivery.

Motorbike or car rentals are not included with the villa. However the staff will be able to help with renting a motorbike or car. If you do not wish to drive yourself local taxi’s can be arranged. The options for online taxi services like Uber and Grab are very limited in this area.

All rentals need to be paid directly to the rental company. Villa Achara takes no responsibility for payments and rentals of motorbikes or cars. 

We do not accept children unless the entire villa is booked in 1 booking. 

Snacks, Food, Laundry and other services used at the villa that are not included in your room rate can be paid by credit card. There’s a credit card machine available at the villa.

For payment of your booking please check our Terms & Conditions page.

There are various clinics and doctors available in the area. However the quality of services is not always what foreigners expect.

Please make sure you have cash or a debit/credit card at hand, for any hospital in Bali they will not provide medical procedures without the guarantee of payment. Your insurance papers/card should be at hand as well.

The pool is cleaned at night and the quality of the water is checked daily too. In order to control the quality, chlorine salt is used which may affect clothing. The pool is not supervised and use of the pool is solely at your own risk. Pool towels are provided. 

Going out in the Bukit

…is nothing like going out in Seminyak/Kuta. You will not find any clubs around. The Bukit is a mellow beachy place and therefore the ambiance very laid back everywhere. What you will find is a lot of small bars with live music, a lot of reggae music is played on certain evenings (high season).

Please note: Most events end around 01:00 AM.

Low Season programs are depending on the weather


Single Fin

From sunset until late: Live music and DJ


Single Fin

From sunset until late: Live music and DJ


Cashew Tree

From approximately 7-8pm: Live Music


Padang Padang Beach

From Sunset until late: Padang Padang Beach Party with Live music + Fish BBQ – (Only during the dry (high) season

Nearby surf breaks

There are many surf breaks around the bukit varying from the novice looking for surf lessons to the advanced surfer. All the surf breaks are accessible by motor bike or car. 

Surf spots closest to Villa Achara:

  • Padang Padang: the famous Padang Padang with the amazing left hand barrel is located only 5 minutes drive away from the Villa. The left only works with a big swell. However there’s always baby Padang, the break just in front of the beach. This is a very popular spot for learning to surf, beginners and intermediate surfers. 
  • Impossibles: super fast breaking left hander just next to Padang Padang.
  • Bingin: machine like left hander producing barrel after barrel after barrel
  • Dreamland: another option for the beginner surfer. Or when there’s a big swell the A frame starts working and on a low tide.
  • Balangan: another left hand barrel machine on a big swell and low tide. On a small swell it’s good for beginners on the higher tide. 
  • Uluwatu: super consistent swell magnet Uluwatu picks up anything that sweeps before it.

For the non surfers all the above have nice beaches – except Impossibles – to lounge or swim. At low tide there are rock pools where you can enjoy the warm ocean water.

There are “warungs” (local little restaurants) on these beaches where you can buy food and drinks. Usually you can also leave your stuff at one of these warungs when you go surfing. This is a much safer option than leaving things at the parking. We do not recommend leaving anyting in your motorbike or car unattended.